BERLIN, June 25, 2015
Being in Berlin, I am currently making a flashback on what has happened so far. We are on our way to the East, it’s 25th June 2015, and I am hitting the road to Poznan, Poland. The city is beautiful according to the pictures, I was once invited to a festival which I did not attend. I’m just heading there and see what kind of water they have. We booked a hotel and parking lots there, let’s see what it looks like when we get there.
We came from Paris, the starting point of our journey, to Luxembourg, and from there to Trier. There we met the federal environment minister of Germany, Barbara Hendricks, a delightful person. I haven’t met her so far, in contrast to the federal science minister, Prof. Dr. Wanka, who surprisingly remained invisible during our press conference in the Museum of Communication in Berlin. I believe she is afraid of the arts because there is an odd memo from her under-secretary Mr Schütte, at least rumor has it, that “science and art do not fit together”.
This really knocked my socks off. The lady succeeding to the office of Mrs Schavan seems to still feel like a stranger concerning cultural work. I mentioned this in today’s press conference in Berlin. I sense that cultural state minister Prof. Monika Grütters might prefer representative art to which she is able to make a shrewd comment on past art and might see her face in the media.
What we are doing with Action Blue is not past art. That is what we have in common with the sciences. Science and arts do belong together. Mr Schütte should make sure to remember that. Even Leonardo da Vinci could have told him that if he would have called him from his office. He truly was a scientist and an artist. GLOBALE in the ZKM, Karlsruhe, is merging these two at the moment.
Well, we also visited Cologne on the Rhine. I was greeted by Toyota’s president, seemed like a kind of servant even, as it should be done when facing an artist. I, too, acted like a servant, as it should be done when facing a scientist, facing a business man. That’s due to us merging art, economy, and science with our campaign. Prof. Reinhold Ollig will confirm this, Prof. Dr. Rolf Bietmann will confirm it, and even my friend Prof. Dr. Wan Gang, minister of science and technology of People’s Republic of China will confirm it to our minister of science and culture. He heartily sent congratulations for my birthday and intends to meet me at the well in Gobi Desert. He was EcoGlobe winner in 2012 and one of my favorite companion in the area of art and science.
By the way, Prof. Wan Gang studied in Germany, he was boss of the development department at Audi, that’s how I know him, and it is generally known that I am the car artist. The car artist is now starting the journey, visited Osnabrück on the way. Why Osnabrück? In Osnabrück, there is the Erich Maria Remarque house. When I went to Ascona at the age of 16, a friend of Erich Maria Remarque’s took me there. Paulette Goddard opened the door of this house on this occasion wearing a night gown and we strolled through Ascona – and I remember this clearly – in search of a Risotto in the middle of the day and she kept wearing her night gown with an ocelot. Erich Maria Remarque wore house shoes and asked me – an inexperienced young pal who is interested in arts – what I want to be someday. When I said, ”I want to be an artist” Erich Maria Remarque answered, “Please don’t.” I thought, that’s not for him to decide. This is how I decided to become an artist, and in remembrance to this encounter I parked the car, my tool, my tool of art, in from of the beautiful Erich Maria Remarque house real quick.
This is the story that led me to Berlin. This is where we celebrated my birthday last night, it was a wonderful mélange of guests. Ben Wagin showed up, I’ve come to know him since 1961. We met during the election campaign of the then ruling mayor of Berlin, Willy Brandt. Shortly after that, Wagin was the first environment artist, I am only the second one in Germany. It was him who planted a whole alley sculpture, as I was told. This was even long before Joseph Beuys’ 7.000 oak trees that were planted in Kassel during the 1982 Dokumenta.
What was especially nice was that the Chinese ambassador came accompanied by a lady that took care of me while I was in China. She is working now in a decisive position in the embassy. It was obviously good to have my sponsors. It was especially fun that I was given a Braun Melsungen vase to take along. They had an item on the agenda of the board of executives of their own for that: What to get HA as a gift when he goes to China, they came up with a crystal vase.
This has a lot to do with water. I will stick to the bucket to start with, the blue one that my friend Bernhard Serexhe got me for taking water samples on the trip. We’ll see whether the bucket will come home with some bumps. It’s looking great on the picture right now, it has been thrown into the river Moselle once which looked fantastic. Recently it was thrown into the river Düssel a second time and this picture was published on the frontispiece of the Düsseldorf tabloid. Well, it seems to become the key piece of the journey, as long as it will be filled with water, everything’s fine since Action Blue is a water project.
Well, we are done with Berlin, it’s getting exciting now. We are right in the middle of heavy discussions whether to drive around Mongolia. There is an eager Mongolian woman in Munich who prescribed me a route for the trip with a costs projection. This costs schedule looked as horrible as I imagined it. That was a whole lot of money. I intended to get money from Mongolia – when I go there – because they would be portrayed as an incredible country due to Action Blue in the world’s public.
No, they look at it quite differently. They want to steal the poor artist blind. I thought, well, I am not that stupid, I am not artist HA Schult to contract debts on the trip in Mongolia. We are currently working on a city that looks picturesque on the pictures with a fan of mine sitting in the pictures – a fan who is rich. We will probably decide on the detour because this route will bring lots of adventures and experiences for the project. I’m talking the country Kazakhstan. This is what lies ahead of us, let’s see how the route will change further. At the moment, everything’s going well. Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and then we are getting to our friend Sascha Borowski in St. Petersburg.
That’s it for now, that was our interim report from Berlin about our journey so far.