Klin / Moscow


Good morning, Bernhard, this is my report form Moscow. We took the water sample in Moscow last night in view of the Kreml murals. We can say we are halfway through our journey. We left Europe behind and can tick it off our list of places where to take samples and are going to dig deeper into Russia tomorrow. Our final route is still not set yet since we have to skip Mongolia due to several reasons. These are security, financial effort, and also the question of necessity, whether we really need to go there or not.
Whereas Kazakhstan seems to be much more exciting and also much more exciting for the whole situation of the world. Thus, we are going to visit Kazakhstan and are now busy figuring out how to get the visa. The previous evening brought us a reception at the Bolshoi gallery, this reception was huge in the media. Russian journalists attended as well as German ARD correspondents. Everybody was quite surprised by the idea of taking water pictures which might lead to positive reports altogether. They might do that, we’ll see.
One of the ARD correspondents participated in the water sample taking, so people on the autobahn might hear about it in the next few days on the radio. The radio is in most cases much more efficient because you can reach people everywhere, whereas we need to step in front a camera and people need to go where a TV is for a TV broadcast.
That’s today’s story from Moscow. Moscow itself is a metropolis, as we know, comparable to London, comparable to Paris, comparable to New York, and maybe even comparable to the rather slowly developing Berlin. This city is a city revolving around itself which is different from Saint Petersburg, where pulses reach out to other cities, where very strong intellectual chin-ups are made. Compared to that, Moscow is a city of nightly butterflies. We are staying right in the middle of it all, we are right where everybody pass on their way in and out and dream of landing somewhere. This is the current situation in Moscow, never knowing what’s coming next, both commercially and politically. It’s no stagnation as you might assume. There has been a tremendous visible development into a positive direction. When driving through the city, you have to admit, Putin cleaned it up quite well. Comparing him with the mayor of Bielefeld, Paderborn, or Höxter, we again have to admit that he really is a giant of our times. I don’t believe that any German politician would be able to rule a country like this. The Russian people sees that and the scale applicable to Lower Bavaria should not be applied to Russia.
This is the feeling I have sitting opposite a theatre that is one of the oldest theatres in town where Anna stood on stage at age five. We are now looking at it with a small tear in our eyes from our hotel room.
Today, we are going to meet a German journalist in the evening. We arranged a great meeting. I’ll drive there and we will see what will come out of it. Right next to me is Gianluca Battista, who is feeling better now. He had a stomach bug so that we already thought that he might have drunk from the bottle we just fished from the river. But that was not the case since he is feeling better now and both of our photographers are in action again. Common sense has it that this project lives of the pictures and these are taken by the photographers in communication with me. Looking back, the locations are absolutely amazing and the pictures seem to me very well taken and appropriate for our mission. The pictures you can see at our homepage will be added by the rest we take for the exhibition. At the moment, it seems as if the State Russian Museum is interested in organizing an exhibit under the title of “Action Blue” in cooperation with the Centre for Art and Media (ZKM in German). Our colleague and friend Sascha Borowski is spokesman for this agenda, so to say, and there will be discussion on that with the Pushkin Museum which might want to participate as well. We would have two exhibitions as results of the project “Action Blue” if it all comes together as it seems right now, from the global in Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

Beijing will follow, but we are not yet this far. Now, I’m having my podge eggs, my breakfast.