This report comes from Riga. It’s Sunday and we have been travelling for 11 days now. Let’s think back to Berlin for now. In Berlin, we finished the press conference as a great success. Peter Weibel was putting up a good fight, it was really good what we said about water, about the future, and about the present.
Action Blue had a glamourous appearance that evening at one of the old hotels in Berlin, the Savoy. A delegation of the Chinese government was there, the first secretary, the third secretary of the embassy and sponsors, too, such as the executive spokeswoman of Braun Melsungen, such as the CEO of “Formel D” and a diverse audience. The guests’ reacted accordingly, it was a crazy night.
We quickly travelled on from Berlin to Warsaw. Berlin-Warsaw. Warsaw is a city full of the fascination of emergence in the new Poland. We took water from a well in Warsaw. Again, I need to flashback to Berlin, where we – of course – took the water sample from the river Spree, considering the strange and yet to be reconstructed new Castle. Right behind it, there is the dome and close by the Schinkel square. All was top quality location, pictures, and all there was.
The same is here now in Warsaw. We got fantastic pictures of us dipping the famous Serexhe bucket into the well with a camera within the bucket. The artist is looked at through the water, can been observed through the water. There are very beautiful photos of Warsaw, it was a great atmosphere. We keep taking some pictures of the hotel to make sure the others can imagine how the journey goes.
From Warsaw we went on to Vilnius. Adventurous things happened there. Leaving Warsaw was quite difficult because my GPS is not the best, perhaps it was my fault. However, we could not get out there, we kept being led back to Warsaw because there were so many construction sites. Warsaw itself is a huge construction site, just as we know it from other European cities. Then we finally got out, then we headed in the direction of Vilnius, then a spectacular mistake, we were led by the GPS to Belarus due to a wrong abbreviation to Vilnius. We stood in line, we were waved at and then, all of a sudden, we touched Belarusian soil. This means, this journey does not consist of 10 countries that we visit, but eleven because we were in Belarus. We have spectacular pictures of that. First standing in line, Anatole did a great job, then we got spectacular photos of how we got out which was not easy because we were tossed by the Polish after our 10-minute-trip to Belarus. The Polish couldn’t tackle that we were there only for ten minutes and thus, they tossed us quite hard.
After this, we had a long ride on the European route E67 which became our “guideline”. We took the exit in Vilnius and finally arrived there at 3 am. We checked into our amazing hotel, a spa gardens. Again, very early in the morning, we took off to go to Riga, being very exhausted. Here I am now. I was very glad to find a museum hosting an Edward Steichen exhibition. It’s the National Museum of Art, Riga’s MoMa. I was delighted with the Edward Steichen exhibition. Even our superb photographer Gianluca Battista is delighted but I think, also my fabulous gallery owner in Luxembourg, Marita Rüter, is even more delighted because she is a huge fan of his, because Steichen is not only a wonderful photographer, but was also born in Luxembourg. And all of a sudden, we find him here in Riga with a great exhibition. It is here that we put up our banners, and our car, and we are currently editing our pictures for our website.
That’s our report for today, June 28. Skimming this report, I find that we managed to travel over 5.000 kilometers up until now which is a quarter of the whole trip. The mood is not bad, we haven’t had a fight yet. One is a little slower, another one is a little faster than the others. This changes a lot though, permanently, and nobody’s upbraiding. Even when we end up in a wrong country, we are still having a blast.

This journey is an open book, as Dr. Serexhe put into words so nicely. This open book is being written into on all pages, front and back if needed.
Riga is so beautiful. Maybe we had a wrong look at Vilnius because it did not show us its most beautiful sites. Because we wanted to visit the Jonas Mekas museum and it was closed even though it was not to be closed. And downtown was so dingy and small, now we understand why Jonas Mekas prefers living in New York over Vilnius. I believe he is the pound with which the country of Lithuania brags because they don’t have that many artists. Anna told me that they have some musicians. Anna knows a whole lot more about it than I do. This reminds me a little of Korea where my friend Nam June Paik is a very big artist.
Crazy are the pictures of a village street, being located amidst stone houses, metal, stone and glass house…